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Queenswood Tennis Club has been around since the early 50's and is currently one of the most active clubs around in Gauteng.

It has social tennis available for members or visitors every Wednesday starting at 14H00 and every Saturday at 13H00. Competitively the club participates in the Gauteng Leagues (Mixed, Mens Doubles, Ladies Doubles and Sunday Mens League).

It is a vibrant club for all ages from the youth to veterans. But more importantly we strive not only to be the best in Gauteng but have as primary focus a club where everybody is welcome regardless of their level of skill. Our goal is where tennis is a means of socializing and having a great time with friends, family and visitors.



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Our Forms & Rankings

Club Registration Form
Club Registration Form

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Championship Form
Championship Form

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Gentlemen's' Singles Rankings

Name Rank Date
Marek Dabrowski118/08/2015
Adas Dabrowski218/08/2015
Marco Niebuhr318/08/2015
Gustav Oberholzer418/08/2015
Iaan Venter518/08/2015
Sedrick Maasdorp618/08/2015
Phillip Harmse718/08/2015
Benin Strydom818/08/2015
Gawie du Toit918/08/2015
Conrad Mahlasi1018/08/2015
Waldi Wenholdt1118/08/2015
Craig Sparks1218/08/2015
Pierre van Heerden1318/08/2015
Murray Cowie1418/08/2015
Andrzej Dabrowski1518/08/2015
Konrad Wenholdt1618/08/2015
Mick Taute1718/08/2015
Simeon Combrink1818/08/2015
Andre Jansen1918/08/2015
Francios Beeslaar2018/08/2015
Jaco Botha2118/08/2015
Stefan Beneke2218/08/2015
Rory Pimentel2418/08/2015

Ladies Singles Rankings

Name Rank Date
Nadia Lloyd-Lister118/08/2015
Alta Yared218/08/2015
Nolene Du Toit318/08/2015
Inge Bohmer418/08/2015
Vleeoohna Moyo518/08/2015
Nicole Lloyd-Lister618/08/2015
Chantal Porter718/08/2015
Petronella 918/08/2015

Contact us

Engelsteeg St, Queenswood, Pretoria, 0121
082 497 8235 , 071 4707 133